Windows 10 high data usage?

Having updated my computer from Windows 8.1, to Windows 10, I noticed that my data usage went up, considerably.

Upon researching online, I found an answer, on a Microsoft Community board.

The gist of the answer, I found, concerns the settings on Windows 10, that shares the Updates with other users.

“In windows 10, Go to Setting >  Update & Security > Advanced Options > Choose How Updates Are Delivered.

It says with the option enabled you allow your computer to send parts of previously windows updates to other people on LAN, and on the internet.

This means, when you downloaded Windows 10. You are helping seed it to others now. Unless you turn it off. Then you are back to your regular usage.

Hope it helps!”

I tried changing this setting, and it works…

My laptop, that came with Windows 8, I later upgraded to Windows 8.1. After the upgrade to Windows 10, it seems to be faster, and it certainly starts up up quicker. It takes some learning, and playing with various settings, to get it how you want it though.

Colin (KC9PDY)

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Originally from the UK, now living and working amongst the corn and beans in small town Midwest USA
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