My name is Colin Parker, my FCC call sign is KC9PDY.

In 1975, I started work at a Radio and TV store, in Bournemouth, in the UK. I was training to be a TV Engineer (repair man). As part of that training, I was studying for an Electronics associate degree, at the local college. Also,  at that time, I studied for an Amateur Radio exam, that included Morse code. I just could not get my head around the Morse.  The electronics was relatively easy though. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended dropping out of that course.

Fast forward to 2001. My father, Frank, who had for years been into CB radio, wanted to study for his Amateur Radio license. I can’t remember how it came about, but we both signed on at a local radio club, to study for and take our license exams. Yet again, I tried to get the Morse thing, without much success. I also helped Dad study for the exam, some. Without him studying, and attending the classes too, I may not have completed them. But anyway, in 2002, we both passed our exams, and got our UK Amateur Radio licenses. His call sign is M1FEP, mine was M1JOY.

In 2005, I moved to Indiana, in the USA. One day, in 2008, I was listening to some radio hams on the scanner. One guy, later to become a buddy of mine, Dwayne N9ZIV, said on their that if anybody listening wanted to become a radio ham, to call him and gave out his phone number. Not sure why he did that, but I called him and we chatted some. He told me about, and encouraged me to visit the the local radio club, in nearby Danville, Illinois. This I did, and later read the Technicians manual, then took my exam. in February 2009, I passed and ended up with the call sign noted above.

My father, Frank, passed away in January 2012. Maybe, inspired by him, and in his memory, I started this blog a few days later.


Colin KC9PDY

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