Amateur Radio at the Movies – The Anderson Tapes

The Anderson Tapes

The Anderson Tapes

Amateur Radio at the Movies

Bob Cashdollar, NR8U

The Anderson Tapes, 1971, Rated PG   1hr, 39 min.

The Anderson Tapes is a cops and robbers movie with a paranoiac twist.  A con, Sean Connery, fresh out of prison, gets the idea to rob a whole building. The only problem is all the public safety agencies; from the Internal Revenue to the local New York police have the building under audio and video surveillance because of the building’s various inhabitants. Wherever Duke, Connery’s character goes, some agency is watching.

In one of the apartments the robbers enter is a boy who is an asthmatic and paraplegic. The boy convinces the robbers that he could not be a threat to them and they leave him alone in his room. As soon as the robbers leave, the boy scoots out of bed and gets in a wheelchair to get to a closet in his room. In the closet is a 1971 or so vintage Heathkit transceiver with a microphone. Using the callsign WA2UYC he broadcasts blindly that someone is robbing his building. (WA2UYC is not in the QRZ database) Later in the movie, a ham from Wichita Falls, Kansas calls the New York police department to report the robbery. Still later another ham is reported calling the police from Portland, Maine. Nothing in the credits mentions any ham radio involvement in the production. The movie “introduces” Christopher Walken in possibly his first movie role and if you look real close you will see the “Wicked Witch of the West” in one of the apartment scenes. The movie also features a group of other recognizable actors in various roles as cops or robbers.

From the K9YA Telegraph, it is worth reading, and available free from a site i recommend

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